EU Projects Track

Call for Special Track Contributions

Big Data Management Challenges and Solutions in the Context of European Projects


Thursday, March 27, 2014


The main objective of this track is to share experiences and best practices, discuss challenges and effective solutions adopted, and investigate opportunities for collaboration among European projects (various directorates of the European Commission or other European funding agencies) dealing with big data management. The projects may have ICT as their main focus but may equally well have some other scientific field, industrial application, or societal challenge as their main focus, in the context of which big data issues come up.

This unique first-time EDBT/ICDT track aims to bring together data management and database researchers and experts, as well as related user groups, designers, developers, and data practitioners. Given the fact that key players are present among the participants in the combined EDBT/ICDT joint conference, both in terms of projects and individual participants, this track will act as a broad forum for the exchange of the latest research results in big data management exploring new concepts, techniques, and tools. These will showcase how the major big data challenges are being confronted, be they the classical high data volume, great variety, high data velocity, lack of veracity (accuracy or reliability), and difficulty in extracting value from data, or new specialized issues that possibly arise in specific environments and contexts.

More specifically, within the context of European projects, the track has the following concrete sub-objectives:

  • Identify major challenges in big data management
  • Exchange experiences and best practices in big data management
  • Discuss the importance of world-wide initiatives such as the Research Data Alliance (RDA)
  • Clarify the relevance of new roles/job descriptions emerging, such as data scientist
  • Initiate a dialogue among seemingly heterogeneous European projects that face similar data management challenges
  • Connect the data management research community with the European funding scene
  • Bring together active data management researchers, data scientists, and data practitioners from both the private and public sector


The plan is for interested projects that respond to this call to present their overall goals and their big data management challenges and solutions in 15-minute presentations, organized in one session. The session will conclude with an open discussion on the preceding presentations in a form of a panel, where potential concrete actions of collaboration and interactions among all projects and possible future joint activities will be discussed.

Submission Instructions

Interested projects should submit a short description (at most 1 page) explaining the main goals of the project, the big data challenges faced, and the expected benefits from their participation in this special track. Pointers to other projects that appear relevant to the one proposed would be very helpful in starting to identify an ecosystem of projects to be networked. The individual giving the project presentation should be identified as well.

The short description should be submitted by email to the co-chair of the special track at the following address:

< fkara at imis dot athena-innovation dot gr >.

The deadline for the submissions is Thursday, March 20, 2014, at 5pm GMT.


Chair: Yannis Ioannidis

Co-chair: Fotis Karagiannis

University of Athens & Athena Research Centre (GR)